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How I started with my clock collection

Whether you enjoy the elegant glossy look of current day time measuring devices, or the sophisticated designs of times past, collecting watches and clocks can be a very amusing pastime. Many individuals that share enthusiasm for this hobby collect watches and clocks. While some limit their collections to specifically either one of the two - clocks or watches, there are others who find them both charming.

Here are some basic tips from my past I can give to get started with clock collection:

Make a decision
Ask yourself if this is really for you. What is it that you enjoy about this hobby? Are you are going to gather watches, clocks or just timepieces in general. Often hobbyists fine-tune their collections to specific time era, design, designer, country or material. Others perhaps less serious simply collect what they like, creating a good mix of timepieces.

Purchase a guide
Purchase guides for watch and clock collectors will assist you in determining the market value of a specific timepiece. The guides will also be valuable in helping to date timepieces that you find on your shopping trips.

Two major research spots you should consider are local and online.

Local Research
Visit your town’s local antique and collectible shops, jewelry stores or any other specialty stores that would have a collectible timepiece that would catch your eye. Visit your local flea markets and garage sales. You might find a watch or clock that you will want to add to your collection.

Online Research
This is highly beneficial for people who live in smaller towns. Browse online auctions, antique and collectible stores, and watch and clock websites, searching for a special timepiece to add to your collection. Certainly you should consider our catalogue that will bring together useful online resources from sources such as ebay where you wound actually find the actual collectible items, as well as Amazon where you could find many great books and guides.

Online Groups
Join a watch, clock or general timepiece collectors group. When you join a group of like-minded collectors, you have a place to share your collection stories and ideas, gain knowledge of events and meet other people that share similar interests.

Most vintage and antique clocks or watches can be repaired by a reputable watch or clock maker.

Be careful about many fake name brand watches. Take your time and do your research to learn how to identify a fake. This is especially important with the online world where you really need to learn how to identify the authentic ones.